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Awesome! You just took a huge step in accelerating your career... here's what you should do next

You have the talent. And given the fact you're here reading this, I know you have the drive. So how do you make sure decision makers at A-list companies start recognizing that?

That's where I come in. I gave you the checklist to get you most of the way to where you need to go.

And for the DIYers, that's probably good enough. You can go ahead and close this page, but those who want to know the easiest way to implement what I shared will keep reading.

I'm going to show you the simple techniques that took me from being clueless and totally whiffing on getting interviews to being a director at a big 4 accounting firm and recruited by companies like Google, Tesla, EY, Accenture, Amazon, and more.

This is the only material you'll find from a current executive leader in this profession so you're going to want to take full advantage.

I think you'll be surprised at how simple the process is once you see it, but it's one of those things that takes a long time to figure out on your own.

And yes, I'm really sharing with you the exact resume I used that ultimately landed me a 73% salary increase.

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Here's how'll you get the inside secrets your competition wishes they had...

    Module 1: The Beakthrough Resume Writing Blueprint

    This is where you'll learn the core structure of what you need to include your resume, what you should leave out, and the right order make all the ingredients work together like grandma's lasagna (yes, the order matters).

    But most importantly, you'll see how you should think about the purpose of your resume and what kind of work you should expect it to do for you.

    Here's how you'll get there:

  • What job seekers who consistently get interviews know about resume writing

    If you don’t have this simple concept ingrained deep into your brain, you’ll be destined for a life of mediocre results

  • The 4 things you need to include in a resume that consistently gets interviews (and 3 things you should exclude)

    These building blocks will give you the rock-solid foundation of a resume that’ll have recruiters and hiring managers piling into your inbox to interview you, even when you’re not looking for a job

    Module 2: The Timberland Boot Steel Toe Intro

    Once you're comfortable with the blueprint for your resume, you'll dive into how to craft the first element of your resume. This is where we'll learn about what to do on your resume to grab attenion right away and prime the reader to WANT to spend more than the usual 6 seconds reading YOUR resume.

    Here's what you'll see in this module:

  • The only 3 ways you should begin a resume if you want more interviews + examples

    These work at all experience levels and doing anything other than one of these is practically guaranteeing your resume a one-way ticket to the reject pile. You don’t want that, do you?

    Module 3: The W.H.Y. Formula for Crafting Perfect Bullets

    After you pick up momentum with your opening, this is where your value is really going to shine through on your resume. The truth is a single bullet can be enough to land you an interview at your dream company. And there are two concepts you’ll knock out that will make that dream a reality:

  • The one question you should ask to know if a bullet should make it into your resume

    Literally every day I see resumes missing this critical point and that’s costing them thousands of dollars they could have easily put in their pocket by asking this one question

  • The one word that ramps up the credibility on any resume

    When it comes to melting away any doubt that you’re the right person for the job, injecting this word into your resume is just what the doctor ordered. 

    Module 4: Upgrading Your Ammunition

    So now you know what bullets you should include based on what you did in module 3, you're going to crank the persuasion up a few notches and find the perfect words to show that not only do you do impressive, relevant things but you also already speak their language.

    Here's what you'll do to show the reader that you can start with less of a learning curve than your competition:

  • How to find the exact words you should use on your resume to get more interviews

    These 4 places will gift wrap the perfect words for you to place directly in your resume with NO GUESSING every single time (most resume writers don’t think of these but now you will). 

    Module 5: The "Salmon Run" Technique for Fast Writing

    In this final module, you'll learn a technique that I estimate will put you ahead of 99% of your peers when it comes to being able to respond quickly without sacrificing quality. It is icing on an already delicious resume cake that you build in modules 1 through 4.

    Here's how you'll do it:

  • The "salmon run" technique that will leave your competition in awe of how you can write a magnetic resume within minutes

    If you need to write resumes for multiple jobs and do it fast, I think this is the best way to go about it. Once you see it, you may want to slap yourself for not thinking of it first (but please don’t).

You're ready to be done trying to go it alone on your job search with nothing but auto rejection emails to show for it, and I can help you

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